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Past Life Regression Workshop

Have you been wondering how past life regression works? In our workshop you will learn what hypnosis really is, not some hairy fairy old beliefs. You will learn self-hypnosis to release any old limiting habits and beliefs. The workshop is one session per week for a month. Each week will be a different topic related to regression work.

We look forward to meeting you and introducing your soul to the healing power of regression. The workshop will start from 19.30 till 21.00 on 27th July 2021. Cost of the whole workshop is £200. I will provide you with a link once you have purchased the workshop.

Week 1

Intro to past life regression

You will learn what hypnosis is and why I use this technique to allow someone to access their past lives. You will have a past life session and discover how the unconscious opens up to allow you to re-experience your past life.

Week 2

Meet your spirit guide

People usually talk of their spirit guide or having someone watching out for them. In this session you will go to a tranquil place and request to contact your guide. If the guide allows you, you will discover their name and purpose in guiding you in this lifetime.

Week 3 

Meet your soul group

This is a wonderful session where you will get to learn about your soul colour and soul group. Discover who may be your father in a present life, but may be a close friend in this lifetime. What is your soul purpose and learning?

Week 4 

Soul cleansing

I will guide you to an area where your soul will be cleansed of everyday stress, health issues, and release emotional pain. It’s like having an energetic shower for the soul.

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