My Story

From being a young boy, family members that attended spiritual church surrounded me every Sunday. I even meet the famous spiritualist Doris Stokes when she was giving one of her famous readings.

I suppose you could say; They introduced me to my soul purpose at an early age. They often described me to my mother that I was an ‘old soul’ My soul colour is purple, that means my primary purpose is to creatively raise consciousness in the world. They are artistic, creative, spiritual, and have a deepened understanding of spirit and the divine. They also have a deep ability in providing the world a connection to the spiritual aspects of life. Many violets are in the healing & creative arts, while many others are philosophers, teachers and spiritual guides.

You will discover your soul colour when you have your regression session. What colour do you think you are? 

I offer free sessions on YouTube and have written a book on my entry to this fascinating subject. I trained with Europe’s oldest Hypnotherapy training School and passed my diploma. I’m also trained in many other therapeutic healing modalities. 


Working with me, you will discover the true beauty of your soul. Can you imagine how that would feel. We are true energy and energy can never be destroyed, but transformed.


My Approach

My approach is that I can work with anyone from all over the world. I use various platforms to provide our sessions. From Facetime, Skype, zoom and Google meetings. 

We require good internet connection. Somewhere you won’t be disturbed and if possible, wearing a pair of headphones with a microphone. 

Before our session, I will send out a form for you to complete. This comprises a few questions about why you wish to discover a past life and some health related questions. I will also send you a past life induction recording for you to listen to before our time together. This will get you used to the way I use hypnosis to enter one’s past life. I recorded all sessions for you to keep and do your own research afterwards. 

I offer 1-1 sessions in person and can provide group sessions. For practitioners, I provide training in conducting past life sessions. Just message me for more details. 

If you have questions, please ask.